Ursula Swoboda, born in Bratislava, has spent much of her life on the move.

She lived her formative years in Germany, where she remained until she was twenty.

Taking up photography at the age of thirteen, she attended courses in photographic technique and composition while still at school. After secondary school, she studied translation and interpreting in Munich. She then settled in Italy, where she dedicated herself to her three young children and for many years had no further opportunity to continue her photography. During this time her professional interests focused on language and culture, and she became Director of an Italo-German Cultural Institute.

For her contribution to cultural links between Germany and Italy, Ursula Swoboda was awarded the Bundesverdienstkreuz 1. Klasse by the President of the Federal Republic of Germany. She was also elected national President of Italo-German Cultural Associations.

After having left her photography aside for many years, Ursula returned to her early love when in her forties. Much of her inspiration came when she began travelling, mostly alone, in Arab countries and south-east Asia. Her main wish when travelling is to observe life through her own eyes, experiencing the emotional impact of getting to know her fellow human beings in all their diversity and learning to appreciate different cultures.

Striving to pick out what is true and essential in her subjects, Ursula opens up a perspective on worlds, cultures and individuals often separated by great distances, but always close to her heart.

She lives and works in Verona....